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10 Great Seconds

October 6, 2011

This is a new series I’m starting. It will feature 10 great seconds from films and TV shows that I think are awesome. I’m going to try and avoid the obvious stuff (“Charlie Don’t Surf” from Apocalypse Now or “Phone Home” from E.T.) and just give some really favorite moments that have meant something to me.

I’m gonna start with just a funny moment that always makes me laugh. This is from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – the setup is Bill and Ted have gone back in time to gather famous people for a history report. Bill and Ted are not the brightest of guys, but they manage to get Billy the Kid, Napoleon, Beethoven, Joan of Ark, and Socrates to come with them. This is as they introduce Socrates and the look on Keanu Reeves’ face (“OK, I can translate”) is about as funny as anything ever.


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