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My belated Steve Jobs post…

October 12, 2011

Word of warning: I use two windows systems regularly at home (with two others built as a stand-up video arcade emulator and a jukebox). I have an Android phone, and my mp3 player is made by (I had to just go look…) Coby, whoever that is. But I wanted to say something about Steve Jobs.

Howard Stern the other morning said that Steve Jobs is responsible for about 75% of the fun in his life, and something about that clicked with me.  I use a Macbook Pro at work, but I’m an Apple guy from way back. 1980 back. I learned to program computers on an Apple II+, and bought one of the first Apple IIc’s in 1982. I loved that thing and wrote so much code on it, the keyboard was basically blank by the time I was done – I’d rubbed off the keys. I had an Apple ImageWriter printer, and eventually moved up to the Apple IIGS when I could afford it. I bought mine used, but I wanted to stay with the Apple family rather than move to IBM (as we referred to MS-DOS machines back in the day). I steered clear of Macs only because they were insanely expensive and didn’t seem to do that much that my computer couldn’t do. I could program, I could do word processing. graphics, and I even had a 300 baud modem. If you don’t know how slow 300 baud is– you would read the text as it downloaded, and you were always a faster reader than the phone line. I had an email address before I knew anyone else who I could email.

Back in the day, the two Steves’ (Wozniak and Jobs) computer was really, really fun. I loved that machine. Jobs left us Apple II guys to make that other machine, and siphoned off all the IIe’s profits to do it (still have a little bitterness…), but I loved those computers, and I loved those guys.  And for a good amount of time, they probably gave me 75% of my fun.

I eventually ended up in the Windows camp because they were cheaper and there wasn’t anything I could do on a Mac that I couldn’t do on a Windows machine. I don’t find Mac OS to be any better than Windows, it’s not more stable, and a number of things about both systems drive me crazy.

But nowadays, I mainly make movies. I remember editing on Avid on my Windows system, and while I liked using Avid for the most part, I hated dealing with video in Windows. Whenever I wanted something in a different format than what Avid wanted to put it in, it was always a combination of a pain in the butt and a series of errors. Then I got my Macbook Pro, with Quicktime 7 and the Final Cut Suite. Those programs just made things work. They did deliver on the promise of what Macs claimed to do.  As a filmmaker, Apple is again 75% of my fun.

For the purposes of this post, I’m pretending that recent and not-so recent upgrades to Quicktime and FCP didn’t occur. On my machine, they haven’t. I choose to praise Jobs rather than to bury him.

But seriously, thanks for all the fun.

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