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10 Great Seconds – The Sounds of the Abyss

October 22, 2011

Except for the ending, The Abyss is such an awesome flick. I was so excited when they announced the DVD with the alternate ending, except it still kinda sucked. But lose the last 5 minutes and it’s truly one of the great films.

Here’s 10 seconds (-ish) that has both some great moments between Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and some awesome sound design.  Two things to listen for: first – the squeaks as they turn the valves. They’re way too loud because the designers want you to notice her turning it, then him turning it back. And then the steam at the end, which might as well be coming out of his ears.

This whole movie sounds awesome, by the way. Watch it and learn something. Then stop it before the last 5 minutes and keep that movie in your head before it gets spoiled by the ending.

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