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Missing Gene Siskel

October 22, 2011

Trying to make up for a busy week and lack of posting…

Who knew I’d miss Gene Siskel so much? I don’t so much miss him (that sounds a little harsh, but I never knew him, after all) – the movies he liked were always a bit too highbrow for my taste, but I really really really miss Siskel and Ebert. Roger Ebert’s awesome, of course, but he’s just missing something (insert jaw joke here…) without Siskel. The magic was the two of them just yelling at each other about everything. And how easy was it to see a movie if they actually agreed on it? It was awesome – there was something worth seeing in the movie if either one of them liked it, but when they both said it was good, you know you were gonna see something special.

But back to the yelling. Those two were the greatest arguers ever. Every reality show currently in production should go back and watch Siskel & Ebert episodes to see how it’s done. THAT’s how you create an argument without it having to be about anyone’s hair or butt size. Not that they were above making fun of each other’s hair or butt size (they each had an advantage over there other there), but even then, they did it in a way that was smarter than anyone else. And even when it wasn’t smarter than anyone else… it was still funny.

Turns out I can excuse those guys about anything, even being dumb, because they were so smart. I miss them. I’m sure Ebert does too.

Thanks, Gene, for the GREAT movies that you turned me on to, and thanks for the laughs.

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