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10 Great Seconds – Andy Kaufman

October 25, 2011

After “Bridges of Madison County,” I thought I’d take all that touchy-feely stuff and throw it out the window. Here’s 10 seconds from “My Breakfast with Blassie.” This is Andy Kaufman and wrestler Freddie Blassie having breakfast and talking at Sambo’s, an old pancake restaurant chain that was based on a semi- to full-out racist children’s story.

The movie’s a take-off on My Dinner with Andre, which is an great film about Wallace Shaun and Andre Gregory having dinner after not seeing each other for a while. That’s really it – they just have dinner and talk, but it’s this amazing conversation about the nature of art and work. If you follow the link to IMDB, don’t let the pretentious reviews turn you off, unfortunately the movie tends to move self-absorbed “I’m better than you because I chose art, you slave to the system” types. But it is really good.

“Blassie” is a little less high-brow, and has some slow parts, but they try to pick up a girl at the next table, talk about bacteria being passed through signing autographs, and other self-absorbed stuff for about an hour. The waitress is asian, and pregnant, and Blassie has a couple of comments almost as good as these, but this is the moment I always remember. I love that she thanks him.

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