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Calling it “Done”

October 26, 2011

Version #8 of “Sympathy Pains” is now complete. I think this is the final structural revision, now it’s just cleaning up and, oh yeah, making it funnier. My favorite line, right near the end is “you make me better, you flaming jerkwad!” begrudgingly admitted by a pregnant wife who should already be at the hospital. Occasionally, writing is really fun. I’m actually ready to start letting people read it, starting with Kat this weekend, and Chris Fritzges, my lead actor very soon.

Just in time for pre-production to start in earnest for shooting next summer.

Finished just in time for Kat and Emma to come back from California and make my life joyfully chaotic again. It was fun to be a bachelor for a week (seriously, what did I used to do with all the free time? ebay didn’t take THAT much time, did it?), but it’ll be very good to have my family back around me.

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