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10 Great Seconds – So I’ll always know where it is

October 27, 2011

Almost anytime someone gives me something I think of this clip from “Harold and Maude” with Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon.   This is a great movie from the 70’s about a boy whose hobbies are faking his own death and going to funerals. He meets Maude at one of those funerals, and they hit it off. Ruth Gordon is fantastic in this movie as the life affirming Maude.

Picking just one 10 second clip was really hard – there are a TON of great moments in this film.

The setup for this clip: Sitting by the water, Harold gives her a ring that says “Harold Loves Maude” and she adores it and tells him it’s the nicest present she’s received in years. Then…

Another great moment is later in the film, after he’s found out she’s done something pretty drastic… you know the moment if you’ve seen the film, or you’ll know it when you do see it, cause you really should. Really funny, really sweet, really thoughtful, and a great Cat Stevens soundtrack.

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