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The conservative Occupy Wall Street movement

November 3, 2011

Thought this was an interesting post – the gist is that the Occupy Wall Street guys are actually conservatives. It’s hard to argue. The main point is that Wall Street only functions with such ridiculous government subsidies that the OWS guys are fighting to cut back and let Wall Street function on its own – free market. Frank Pasquale says it better – check out the link:
the Conservatism of Occupy Wall Street

I want to be a conservative – even a libertarian, I really do, but I just don’t see that as a realistic option. The government props things up so much (often because of “conservative” business lobbyists) that there HAS to be government oversight on all the things that the government is now the main shareholder of.

Also, I kinda think, as it seems anyone who is a conservative and wants the government off our backs should, that the government shouldn’t be telling gay people they can’t marry, or the dozen other topics where “conservatives” want the government to control our actions. Keep the government out of our businesses, but tell us individuals what to do has never sounded like limited government to me.  sigh.

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