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Countdown: 237 Days

November 6, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posting last night. We were at an excellent fall party at Scott & Shauna Meadors’ when Emma started projectile vomiting. And she kept it up at fairly regular intervals until this morning.

But that’s not what I wanted to write about…

Countdown: 237 days till “Sympathy Pains” production begins. “Sympathy Pains” is the next feature we’ll be making. The script is ready for pre-production (just need to find a free day to put together the schedule…),though not ready for production, yet. Structurally, I think it’s basically where it needs to be, but it definitely still needs a little bit of “polish” on a few scenes. And a few more laughs. But that’ll come.

And… we just met with our Associate Producers for the first time yesterday. What an awesome group – we’ve assembled a number of people who can help guide us through the production, making connections with the city, and helping us to fundraise. We’re ridiculously fortunate to have a group who are so eager to help, and so able to help, too- I’m really excited about this film!

237 days sounds like a lot, but I think I’m gonna blink and Emma will be two and we’ll be filming.

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