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10 Great Seconds – English Tips

November 8, 2011

Meet Lloyd Dobler. Say Anything was a defining movie to 18-year-old me. Man, did I want to be this guy. I bought the trenchcoat and did my hair like him, even. Don’t try to picture it, it’s not pretty. I even had a T-shirt from the movie that I found in a thrift store, and wore it until it was more holes than shirt.

I watched this with Kat not too long ago, and it still holds up quite nicely. There were so many great moments to choose from (anything with Joe and Corey, Corey being played by Lili Taylor, who I still have a bit of a crush on, or “How are you doing, sir?” “I’m INCARCERATED, Lloyd” – it’s crazy that I still remember so many lines from this movie).

But here’s a defining Lloyd moment for me. The setup: he’s decided to ask the valedictorian for a date. She’s trying to let him down easy and tells him that she just won a fellowship to study in England and will be leaving soon. But Lloyd just won’t stop talking, and eventually gets to this moment. The reactions are awesome between her, and Lloyd’s little nephew, who he’s stuck in the room with because his sister commandeered the bathroom, the only room with privacy in the apartment. Such a great use of their reactions to tell you that he’s getting through to her. Here’s the scene:

He gets the date, by the way. Of course he does – they’ve got another 90 minutes of story to tell.

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