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10 Great Second – about any 10 seconds of this show…

November 12, 2011

This is 10 great seconds of Firefly. For those of you who know the show, I probably don’t need to say anything more, you’re already watching the clip.

For anyone else – I chose this moment because this is what made this show so great. Awesome dialogue where people really talked and listened to each other. Great acting that did the same. And lots of self deprecating humor. Joss Whedon writes fantastic dialogue and really great characters. He’ll be directing the Avengers movie next summer, and I can’t wait to see what he does with it.

The setup: This is a flashback to when Mal (Nathan Fillion), the captain of the ship “Serenity,” put the crew together. The first person he talked to was Zoë (Gina Torres), who he’s trying to convince to join… It’s a simple quiet moment in a show that could do both this and big huge action.

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