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10 Great Seconds – Pink Sugar!

November 14, 2011

This is from Recount – an HBO movie about the 2000 presidential election and the lawyers for Al Gore.

Laura Dern as Katherine Harris is amazing. You should look up Katherine Harris, and especially find some video. It’s incredible to watch how far Dern took the role and still isn’t as crazy as the real-life Harris.

This scene starts with her yelling “Pink Sugar!” to her assistant (meaning Sweet and Low for the uninitiated to the strangely often high strung people who call Sweet and Low “Pink Sugar”). I love that detail so very very much.

The setup: she’s being recruited to make sure she’s on the right side of the issue. She was the Secretary of State in Florida, and had great influence in the recount. And she’s a very evangelical Republican. The guys’ reactions at the end of the clip are awesomeness.

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