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10 Great Seconds – We Won’t Tell Nobody

November 23, 2011

Citizen Kane, Toy Story 3, Spider-Man 2 – the greatest movies of all time. As a film professor, I wish I was more into Grand Illusion or Bicycle Theif, but those are probably my three favorite movies. This clip’s from Spider-Man 2, and it never fails to get me all weepy. Spider-Man gets his mask torn off while saving a train load of people in an awesome rescue scene, then, as he almost falls from the front of the train, the people help him up, pass him over their heads, and lay him down gently.

He’s there, unmasked, as people look at him, saying “he’s just a kid” and “no older than my son,” and then Spider-Man wakes up and this moment happens.

Right after he puts the mask back on, The Green Goblin shows up, and everyone on the train gets between him and Spider-Man (“You’re gonna have to go through me” “And me” And Me” – I’m already tearing up, but that part gets me like a little girl). Watch the movie – it’s about as good as an adventure movie gets.

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