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Occupy Withoutabox

November 30, 2011

I’m recovering from putting out about $200 worth of film festival fees last night. It’s tough with three films on the circuit. I gotta start spacing them out.

And for being basically the exclusive place for entering films into festivals, withoutabox sure feels stuck in the ’90s. On a side note – I had a nephew refer to the 19’s over Thanksgiving, and couldn’t figure out what he was talking about until I realized that it was my century.

But back to my whining – WAB is ridiculously slow and the search function feels ancient – it seems like it takes 10 times longer to do anything on there than it should. I seriously have to plan an evening around when I’m submitting. I understand having to plan for a night of researching festivals, but a night of submitting? Really? With online screeners, so I’m not even making DVDs and addressing envelopes. That’s just ridiculous.

What say we take them down – who’s with me?

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