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10 Great Seconds – Big Night

December 3, 2011

Big Night – two authentic Italian brothers own an authentic Italian restaurant. It’s not doing well, partially because the authenticity is driving away more run-of-the-mill customers who don’t understand that spaghetti doesn’t automatically include meatballs. And partially because the brother played by (the always awesome, pre-Monk) Tony Shalhoub doesn’t suffer these people very well.

The business-oriented brother (the always excellent Stanley Tucci) is looking to take risotto off the menu as a cost-cutting measure, but is afraid to say it to Shalhoub, who is passionate about the food to the point of rage. Tucci stumbles around mentioning the idea, and to his surprise, Shalhoub agrees with him, and has his own idea for something to add to them menu, which Tucci is glad to hear. Here’s the idea…

I was strongly considering having Chef and Stephen in Table at Luigi’s be brothers, but never went through with it because of the already heavy influence this movie had on the script. I kept struggling with the question of “why doesn’t Stephen just leave?” So I finally just hung a lantern on it and had Emily ask Stephen that question and he got to answer it.

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