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Henry and Christmas

December 12, 2011

Following up on the last post, the first time I saw Henry Rollins was with a friend in California. Henry had just started doing “spoken word” concerts (meaning: standup comedy, but a little more pretentious and not as funny – he was great, by the way).

The entire night he stood with one foot forward, and one armed cocked at a 45 degree angle holding the mic. The only time he moved was to rotate, putting the other foot forward, and changing the arm. The position looked a lot like Santa in this animation, but more aggressive.

(I love that clip, by the way – that’s the Drifters singing)

Henry seemed very at ease on stage, except that he never moved. It was really really odd. When I saw him again years later, he’d gotten more relaxed and mobile, but whenever I see something about him, I always think of “Hank” and that pose.


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