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Louis CK Makes Money with Video on the Internet

December 15, 2011

There’s a headline, huh? About time that someone actually had a successful (monetarily) video venture on the internet! :)

If you didn’t know, Louis CK (the comedian… if you’re on my blog, I kinda figure you know that, but just in case…) videotaped a concert and put it online on his own website. For $5 you can download the show. It was a huge risk, for a number of reasons, the biggest of which is that he put it up without any DRM, so I’m sure you can go to pirate bay and find a copy right now. The other risk was that he put up his own cash to make it and market it.

But he put it up, made it cheap and easy to download, and in the first 12 hours, sold 50,000 copies. That’s $250,000. That’s a lot of money.

Four days  later, 110,000 downloads. He’s made profit over $200,000. So far.

Check out the link to his letter, because he’s really awesome and it’s really interesting. I’m sure it’s true when he says he could have made more money by having someone else do it and just pay him to produce the material, but he wanted it to be cheap and available to anyone worldwide. Did I mention that he’s awesome?

And here’s a video of him talking about George Carlin and how Louis learned to not suck as a comedian:

If you’re not watching his show on FX, you’re really missing out about as funny as television gets.

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