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Joe’s Brushes with Fame, pt 3

January 10, 2012

So I’m on the set of Date Movie (Starring Alyson Hannigan, with Eddie Griffin, Fred Willard, Jennifer Coolidge – some awesome people, you’d think the movie would be better than it was…). My one famous friend (Hi, Marie!) had a decent sized role in it and invited me to hang out with her.

Seriously, “Don’t Vote for Pedro” is the best anyone could come up with? Oh, and Jennifer Lopez has a large butt. Comedy gold. sigh.

But there were a couple of standout moments from the day. First, Fred Willard is old. It’s crazy to watch this guy who’s full of life onscreen walk like an old man. Because he’s an old man. He pulls it off when the camera’s rolling, but the poor guy is not young any more.

Eddie Griffin is just funny. Wish I had anything specific, but he’s just funny.

The production had taken over a closed down restaurant to film in, and they were lighting the entire set with a bunch of Chinese lanterns. But just in case, there was a hallway the length of most people’s houses lined completely, both sides, with every lighting fixture you can imagine. That just made me laugh – they were using the simplest setup and even for that, grips had a two hour load-in and load-out just in case the gaffer needed a scrim – RIGHT NOW!

The biggest thing to me was the organization. Everyone’s trailers and the catering truck were at a church about 2 1/2 blocks from the set, so everyone had to be bussed back and forth from set to the church. Imagine that process – “we need Fred Willard.” That’s at least 15 minutes from when you call for him to when he can get there. That A.D. had to be on their game to keep the entire day from being a constant hold, while keeping anyone from being stuck on set all day. Yay for AD’s.

And finally, cause this is what you want to know… the hot chicks all sit at the same lunch table. It’s just like high school. My friend was one of the hot chicks, so for the day, I sat with the cool kids. I flirted with the very married Alyson Hannigan and let her know that the US version of The Office was actually pretty good if you could get the British version out of your head. If she wasn’t married, and I hadn’t just started dating Kat, I think there couldn’t been a real connection there. But alas, our love was not meant to be.

Really, all this is building to a cool finale, I promise. The next part is the good one.

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