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10 Great Seconds – Pork Bellies

January 14, 2012

Trading Places has been a favorite movie for a really long time. One of the first movies I owned on VHS and DVD. Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd – back when they were both funny!

But the guys who ran away with the film were Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche as the Duke brothers. In this scene, they’re teaching Eddie Murphy what they do – they’re stock brokers who trade in farm product. I love how they have the items lined up for him as a presentation, as if they do this all the time.

But the real moment is the end. Murphy does this a couple of times in the movie, at great times. It’s his “can you believe this?” look straight into the camera. I just watched it three times and it made me laugh every time. After I wrote that I watched it a fourth.


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