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Workshop Weekend!

January 29, 2012

Spent the weekend working at two different workshops for Arkansas High School students. Friday/Saturday was the Arkansas Thespian Festival (no snickering, please…), and I left that early on Saturday to make it to Gary Jones’ and AETN’s Arkansas Student Filmmaker Symposium. It was GREAT to see so many high school students interested in filmmaking. I had so many kids asking me questions after each session, looking to know more, it was really awesome.

My goal for a long time has been to help high school students know that there are opportunities for them in filmmaking – opportunities that just didn’t exist when I was in school, and these workshops are one way I can do that. It’s also a great chance to meet their teachers. I sure wish someone would follow up  – I always pass out business cards, telling the teachers that I’m available to help them any way I can, and I almost never end up doing anything as a result. But, seriously – if anyone reading this knows any teachers out there teaching film and video in the high schools, let them know that I’m available and I’m not looking to get paid! :) I meet so many poor teachers who are the math guy and because the school got a grant and they knew what youtube was, they’re teaching the film class. Let me help you!


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