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10 Great Seconds – All of Me

January 30, 2012

Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin in 1984. Just before this clip from All of Me, Martin was doing movies like The Lonely Guy, where he had cardboard people around his apartment as company, and The Man with Two Brains, playing Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr. While funny (I’m a fan of both movies), he was not taken very seriously at the time. Then came this movie, and Roxanne (which he wrote) a few years later, and he became the sophisticated, silly guy we all know who hosts the Oscars. No one would have predicted that before this movie.

It’s always hard for me not to type “Stev” Martin – in the early 80’s Steve did a few (awesome!) NBC TV specials, and on one of them they purposely misspelled his name as “Stev Martin.” 12-year-old me thought that was the funniest thing ever. To this day, for no good reason, I still think of him as Stev and laugh a little. I have one or two of them on DVD – I need to dig those out and watch them again. I remember him playing a rodeo star, telling women not to fall in love with him, because a turtle-rider will just break their hearts, then riding into the sunset on a giant turtle. Again, 12-year-old Joe was in stitches.

But with All of Me, it’s a silly premise, but a good movie: Martin finds himself sharing his body with Lily Tomlin, the spoiled millionaire. And here’s when it first happens, and Stev discovers that:

Does physical comedy get any better?

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