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Sympathy Pains– 144 days till production

February 7, 2012

I’m gonna start posting at least weekly about Sympathy Pains, and how things are coming, which at the moment is pretty great!

We locked down the final audition location for Fayetteville, yesterday (thank you, hospitality room at the Ozark Electric Co!). So starting at the end of February and into March, we’ll be in Conway, Little Rock, Memphis, Fayetteville, and Hot Springs. All our audition details (including times, locations, and short character descriptions) are up here.

We also just got the menu from Chef Hall, who’s doing the food for our “Party Like a Hollywood Star” fundraiser (there’s a link there, if you want more info).We’ll be at the Ford Theatre, walking the red carpet, with great people, eating AWESOME food, and occasionally checking out the big screen to see who won an Oscar. I’ll be hanging out at the bar (and probably bussing tables…). :)  You can jump straight to buying tickets here.

Chef Hall, by the way, was the UCA executive chef before moving up to Petit Jean and becoming the main guy in charge of all things food and events at WinRock. More than that, he was the guy responsible for all the food in Table at Luigi’s. I’m so looking forward to actually getting to eat his food instead of having to save it for on set.

We also have a “Pick the Winners” contest – pick all the movie winners in all 24 categories, and win $25,000! Here’s info, and here’s where to enter – you pay for the “ticket” and then enter all your choices. Did I mention that it’s $25,000 if you get them all right?!

So things are moving along swimmingly at the moment. Kat and I are busy doing all the promotions for the raffle and the party – turns out there are 1,640 employees at UCA and every one of them is getting an individual invite – that’s a lot of folding and little silver sealing buttons…



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