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142 days until production, and another great meeting!

February 9, 2012

Another great meeting with our Associate Producers, who are helping us get the word out about our auditions and our fundraisers (how do you like my sly little plugs/links…?).  It’s so awesome when people are on your team! And all the support goes to give our students the chance to work on a feature film – they don’t get those opportunities unless we create them.

Speaking of good people on the team… have I mentioned how much I like that logo that Scott Meador made? and for the filmmaking-minded amongst you, Scott has a blog at renderwalk.wordpress.com and it would be awesome if people flooded it, so he might post more often, cause the posts he has are GREAT for us video-geeks!

Warning: plugs for film fundraisers follow…

We’re moving along with the plans for “Party Like a Hollywood Star” watch party for the Academy Awards. We’ll have champagne, interviews, and photos on the red carpet, our emcee extraordinaire Michael “Doc” Davis will be keeping everybody laughing during the commercials, and the other big attraction is going to be the food, prepared by Table at Luigi’s chef Robert Hall. He’s got quite an evening of food planned – it should be pretty awesome!

And, of course, if you can pick the winners of the Academy Awards (and you live in Arkansas), you can win $25,000! Only $20 to enter, and seriously, the prize is $25,000!

Thanks to the many people supporting us and our film – it’s really incredible to see people coming together to give our students this opportunity!

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