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Countdown to the Academy Awards

February 16, 2012


I wonder, since I seem to get about 20 Matthew Perry hits a day, now, still based on one picture and another blog about the popularity of that picture, how many hits that headline will get me.

Apologies for the dearth of posts this week – most of my time has been devoted to details around fundraisers and auditions for Sympathy Pains. And not the fun “this would be interesting to post about” stuff, but just the details like getting press releases and flyers and stuff. Blah kinda stuff.

So here’s the fun stuff: the Academy Awards screening is coming up fast. Details and tix here. Chef Hall texted me this week to say he’s tweaking the menu a bit to make a dish for each film, which should be awesome. If you’ve never had Chef Hall’s food (outside of the UCA Cafeteria), you’re in for a pretty awesome treat! And, course emcee Michael “Doc” Davis will be keeping everyone entertained during the commercials – we’re really lucky to have such a great team helping us out with the evening!

And the Pick the Winners contest with $25,000 grand prize is here! Seriously – $25,000! Just for picking the winners of the Academy Awards.

We’ve also got lots and lots of auditions – and lots and lots of actors coming out, it sounds like, which is FANTASTIC! Thanks for all the support. Here’s the link to audition information.

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