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The DVR I’ve been waiting for…

February 20, 2012

When I was 15, my brother taught me how to do telephone wiring. His story was that some friends of his knew how to do it, and they weren’t too bright, so there’s no reason that he shouldn’t know how to do it, too, and taught himself then taught me.

That same logic has served me well throughout my life. That’s how I have the “Dullcade” video arcade. I knew nothing about building anything, but I saw a bunch of websites of people who had built their own, and thought “If these dummies can do it, why don’t I already have one?” Armed with a jigsaw and no knowledge, six months later, I had a working video arcade. :)

So back to me at 15, armed with my telephone wiring skills, I ran cable TV into my bedroom (unheard of in 1986), hooked the TV into the stereo (not unheard of, but very expensive), and generally wired anything into anything that I could find. So one day, thinking about how the VCR worked, I wired the cable TV plug into my audio cassette recorder and hit “record.” I was so excited at the concept until I played it back and got nothing.

What I was hoping for was to record all the channels at once, so I could just hit “Play” and then watch any channel I wanted to. I always hated that the VCR only recorded one show at a time.

So here’s the UK’s solution to that problem. It’s a DVR that records all 60 BBC over-the-air channels, and records them all the time, so you can go back and watch anything that was on in the last week. Sure, it’s $4,000, and only works in England, but how small a price to make 15-year-old Joe happy. :)




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