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10 Great Seconds – Now and Again

February 25, 2012

Now and Again – This is the opening of the first episode of the only season of this show. It was a really, really, really good show that never found an audience. I only found it on the old “Trio” channel, which used to show “Brilliant But Cancelled” shows that only lasted one or two seasons, and this was one of them.

Did I mention that it was a really, really, really good show?

In this opening, an old Asian guy gets on a subway and leaves a few eggs on the seat before leaving the car. The little boy in this clip has been watching them slide around on the seat, back and forth, laughing and anticipating them falling. Here’s what happens when they do:

Awesome opening, yes? The next bit is the train pulling into the station, it’s windows covered with blood. That switches to a warm family scene with John Goodman, who only appears in the first episode and a few flashbacks later, before he trips in front of a train (not the same train) to his death. He then wakes up in a new, enhanced body as part of a government experiment. The government primarily thinks of him as property, but all he wants to do is get back to his wife and little girl.

What an awesome premise to a show that really needed a second season. Not to give it all away, but the end of the first season has him explaining it all to his wife (FINALLY) while government agents are on the way, and they pretty much demolish the house as he tries to escape with her.

Man, this was a great show. I managed to get the whole season TIVO’d when they played it on Trio, and it rocked. Ask me, and if I like you, I’ll let you borrow the DVDs. :)

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