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Welcome back to me!

March 9, 2012

Sorry for the VERY long delay since the last post. It’s been quite the week in Conway! Kat was out of town all last week through Tuesday, so I’ve been a single dad, on top of a deadline for a big project that is now completed (phase 1). Finally got it out to the client at 7am with some blurry eyes.

Updates on the film: Sympathy Pains is going strong! Recently got a call from Chris Crane, our Arkansas Film Commissioner, who’s trying to help us secure a shot at the Little Rock Airport, hopefully as far away from security as possible. :)

SP auditions are still this weekend and next. Tomorrow (Sat) we’ll be in Memphis in the morning/early afternoon, then next Friday evening will be in Fayetteville, and Saturday in Hot Springs. Info about auditions is here. We’ve been seeing a LOT of GREAT people, and are looking forward to seeing even more. We’d especially like to see more options for Stephanie, the female lead, so if you know of a good actress 20’s-30’s, send her our way!

I’m actually heading in about an hour to a meeting with our lead puppet designer, Holly Laws, who’s helping conceive and oversee the building of puppets for the show. We’re digging into the concepts today, and trying not to anything that looks like the Muppets. That was Holly’s idea that I think is awesome. Seriously, who needs the competition?

Met with my composer to begin the discussion about music that needs to be completed before the film starts to work with the musical portion of the film (!).

Man, it’s really starting to feel like we’re gonna make a movie! :)


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