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10 Great Seconds – You Did It

April 11, 2012


One of the best TV series ever – made by a lot of the guys who went on to do Cheers. Taxi was a Judd Hirsch vehicle (like what I did, there?) that had one of the great casts, including Andy Kaufman and Danny Devito.

The setup for this scene: to save from freezing in a car during a blizzard, Latka (Andy Kaufman) had sex with a woman to create warmth. They get rescued, and now he’s overcome with guilt, certain that his wife (Carol Kane) will find out. He and Alex plan to go to his house and act normally, hoping that she doesn’t discover. Latka’s convinced that she’ll just know, but Alex (Judd Hirsch) tells him he’s being ridiculous. Here’s the scene.

What’s better than Andy Kaufman’s eyes?

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