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30 Great Seconds with Bill Murray

May 1, 2012

It’s Ghostbusters day, because I’m in a good mood. Here’s three reasons why you hire Bill Murray:

You know the script did not say “POV shot: Venkman duck walks,” and even if it did, it would only work if Bill Murray did it. My geek buddies and I spent a lot of time learning to do that move because we saw it in Ghostbusters (not knowing that it was stolen from Chuck Berry).

Then at the end of the same scene, he celebrates getting a date with Sigourney Weaver:

On VHS, you can’t even see that he’s twirling because of the guy on skates, but it still is just awesomely silly, and somehow believable. Speaking of believable:

How vulnerable is his voice there? I’m not fully convinced that he actually said that on set and it wasn’t just added in post, but who cares. It’s so real and adorable. This, ladies and gentlemen, is acting, and this (as well as a great script by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, and pitch-perfect directing by Ivan Reitman) is why Ghostbusters is awesome.

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