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58 Days till Production Begins – And Our Leads…

May 4, 2012

Part 2 – and finally, here’s our lead actors for Sympathy Pains:

Chris Fritzes (of the UCA Theatre program) will be playing our male lead Danny. Chris can play just the right cynical but sensitive humor that makes Danny work! And his dramatic chops are great too, as Table at Luigi’s showed. Also a good drinking buddy, which helps the whole process.

Courtney Bennett (a UCA Alumnus, but more recently acting in Chicago and Italy), will be playing Stephanie. I was surprised how long it took to find this role – but we had a very specific idea about the character, and Courtney’s great presence and humor finally made the decision easy. We saw a LOT of GREAT actresses, but Courtney was just made to play mother-to-be Stephanie.

Kenn Woodard (from Fayetteville, head of the NW Ark Talent Society and Creative Director of the Offshoot Film Festival) was another great find for the role of Jim. We had a few people in mind before seeing Kenn, but his large frame and teddy bear personality were exactly the mix we needed for Danny’s father-in-law.

Again, we’re so, so fortunate to have such a talented cast. I’m truly blown away by the quality of actors who are willing to work with us on such a huge project!

And I’d be remiss not to mention our sponsorship opportunities – be a part of our film by supporting it now!

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