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Countdown – 44 Days till Production

May 16, 2012

And the real work begins. Just had a good meeting with my production heads for Sympathy Pains this morning, and things are looking to come together. We’ve got a budget, and we’ve got a cast, and leads on most of our locations. Hopefully we’ll have quite a few locked by this time next week, with still a month to go.

I liked it better when the countdown was more than 50 days…

Here’s my schedule for the next year (and some):

  • June 4th – Pre-production begins full force (Prepping/Building sets, crew drills, etc)
  • July 1st – PRODUCTION
  • July 2nd- Editing begins
  • Aug 12th – Production Wraps
  • End of Aug – First Rough Cut
  • Fall 2012 – Editing & Preview Screenings
  • Jan 2013 – Picture Lock – Begin Sound Design, Scoring, FX, Color Grading
  • May 2013 – All Post Production Elements Compiled
  • June 2013 – All Post-Production Elements assembled
  • July 2013 – Master Blu-Ray and DVD disks created, begin festival submissions
  • Sept 2013 – UCA Sympathy Pains gala premiere

I’m looking forward to sleeping again sometime in 2014.

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