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10 Great Seconds – Now That Oughtta Do It!

May 20, 2012

Ruthless People. I still remember the trailer from 1986 – it ended with the scene below, and it made me want to go see it. Danny DeVito plays a scumbag, married to rich Bette Midler. He’s been waiting for her father to die, but he just keeps living, so he’s planning on having her killed. This is a comedy, by the way.

Before DeVito can act, Midler is kidnapped by Judge Rienhold and Helen Slater. They got screwed by DeVito in a business deal and want to get their money. DeVito thinks he’s now in the clear – don’t pay the ransom and they’ll do the job for him, but they were never planning on going through with it. As DeVito gets tired of waiting, this scene plays:

It’s a funny movie that deserves better than the 6.8 rating it has on IMDB.

And for those keeping track, I’ve been bumped up and am currently #5 on a google image search for Matthew Perry. Still based off the one picture I posted back in… December? I’m pretty sure I can capitalize on this to finally achieve internet fame.

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