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And it has begun…

June 28, 2012

Officially, principal photography begins this Sunday, but we filmed a short piece on Tuesday that went fantastic! First off, kudos to Jarrod Beck, my first Asst Director, who is not only excellent at running the show, but is also fantastic at helping the students who are learning their positions stay positive and understand what they need to do. Few things are more important that a good AD, and we’re really fortunate to have Jarrod, both for the professional running of the crew, and to help our students get up to speed as they learn.

Possibly more important is a great producer, and may I remind everyone that my wife Kat is an awesome producer. As I said, everything went smoothly, even with the 10 extras that she called in. We’re going to need about 200 extras over the next month and a half, and she somehow has lots and lots of people lined up (though we always need more – here’s a link to find out how to volunteer to be an extra!). Thanks, honey!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the great camera team, led by Mike Gunter, my DP. The shots looked beautiful, and we were never waiting for camera. Mike – you and your team rock!

And the last most important part is the actors, and man, did we do it right. Chris Fritzges and Courtney Bennett are awesome! This is such a silly thing, but the business of the scene we shot was a simple visual gag that Chris really brought to life and spontaneously added another gag. That’s why you have to keep looking for actors until you find the right ones. The good ones make your job easy – now it looks like I’m a great, funny writer, because I brought Chris and Courtney to the film. I can’t wait to get into later scenes where Courtney gets to shine.

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