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You might as well go in style…

July 7, 2012

Here’s our car rig – designed by Scott Meador, and built by Bryan Allen and Scott Eggleston in the UCA equipment room. It’s built from PVC piping and just sits in the window, pretty snuggly. That’s a sound blanket protecting the car door. The camera sits on a high hat bolted to the rig.

For lighting, we’ve got an Arri 300w strapped to the hood, run off an AC inverter hooked to the car battery, and the dome light with a bit of ND gaffed over it, and Mike’s van driving behind us to help add a little kick to the back.

We got the street blocked off, and the very nice police woman parked her car perpendicular to us and kept her lights on so we’d get some light kicking into the shot on the actors as they drove past her down the street, and we put a few cars with their lights on along the side of the road, to keep the background from looking quite so plain.

Not too shabby for no money and an hour of setup. :)

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