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Our Kitchen, Fake Toilet

July 9, 2012

And that’s how you fake a “through the toilet tank” shot: by finding a random toilet someone put out for trash, storing it in your garage for two months (cleaning the toilet is an important step in there, too), putting it in your kitchen, which matches the floor in your bathroom, putting a door and a shower curtain as backdrops (it helps to have a spare door that matches the bathroom door handy, because you’re replacing all the doors in your house, because you’re filming a movie there and are trying to make the place look like someone with better taste than you lives in it), and put a bowl inside the toilet to let the actors feel free to actual spit if they want to. They didn’t want to. I’m very appreciative of that.

It was such a fun phone call when Kat told me a neighbor had put a toilet on the curb and I needed to grab it on my way home from work before someone else snagged it.

Movie magic, ladies and gentlemen. I’m so looking forward to using Emma’s stroller as a camera dolly on Thursday.

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