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The Dancing Daddies

July 14, 2012

What a morning! Today was the “Dancing Daddies” section of Sympathy Pains, and our daddies rocked it! And Chris, as always, was fantastic.

My awesome wife Kat choreographed and staged it – and she knocked it out of the park! Today’s lesson: when you have to change something, CHANGE IT! We had quite a few less daddies than were supposed to show up, especially ones who were actually trained dancers that we were counting on. We were supposed to have four trained dancers and two tumblers, and ended up with only one of each.

So we flew with it – and made use of the guys we had. We simplified everything,so that the nine guys we had could fill the screen. We watched as the daddies played with the strollers, and used the cool things they would do (one of the guys started spinning with the stroller, look for that a couple of different ways in the finished film). And, of course, we selectively pulled from the crew for a few key moments. Including one person you might recognize in the picture below (hiding behind the guy in red).

It’s possible that I made a cameo today.

But the main thing to remember is that the camera only picks up what’s in the frame. Make the frame as large or small as you can fill. So we did a lot of big motions that pushed into smaller, tighter things, as the camera pushed from wide into a medium shot. And, if I may say so, it looks great It looks full, even though we didn’t have the numbers! I so can’t wait to edit this scene together!

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