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Busy Week!

July 19, 2012

All right – it’s been a busy, but productive week on the set of Sympathy Pains!

Monday was department head meetings. Talked through the next two weeks to make sure we’re all prepared and ready to go. Turns out we mostly are, which is good to know. :)

Tuesday we filmed two scenes – a quick bit at Pizzazz (thanks, Pam!) then over the King’s Dueling Piano, who let us take over for the night. Got to work with the always great Jim Harris – I wish we had a part for him more than just the one night, but man, is that guy funny and fun to hang out with! And Dahren White was fantastic, yet again. And had a lot of great extras show up as well.

Wednesday, the Little Rock Airport, after a few crossed signals, let us film, and we got a really nice short scene there.

And today. Man, I am I glad today is behind us. Today was filming with Chris Fritzges, who was awesome, and my 2-year-old Emma, who is also awesome, but only in the very few moments when she’s actually doing what we ask her to do.

We filmed “The Proposal” last year with Emma, and spent a day on a three page script in one location where she doesn’t move. Today had seven scenes and required her to do quite a bit. But she was a trooper, and even though we allowed time tomorrow for anything that we didn’t complete today, we got through everything! Now if it will only cut together, as we were making lots and lots of changes and decisions on the fly!

All this is building up to a big scene with lots of extras tomorrow night, the final scene of the birth on Saturday, and then all the comedy club scenes with tons of extras on Sunday. The last three months I’ve been dreading this Sunday, and it’s almost here… It’s gonna be a LONG day!

And a final note of thanks to our MVP, Shannon Leard, also my sister-in-law who has flew in from Australia to help us with Emma while we’re filming. We couldn’t do this without her!

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