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Lights, Camera… Russellville!

July 20, 2012

Just got back from filming in Russellville – and it went awesome!

My boss and associate producer John Gale really knocked it out of the park by throwing a party for us to film. He arranged a location, 20 extras, and a 10 piece band! It always amazes me that anyone wants to be an extra, but everyone is always so pleasant and happy to be there. I tend to think that anything I’m involved with must be boring. :)  We got some great footage and everybody seemed to have a good time.

Which brings me to another important thing – when putting together your crew, you’ve got to think about the personalities. We are so fortunate to have some positive leaders on our crew, and it makes such a difference.

It starts from the top, with Jarrod Beck, our first A.D. He’s easily the best A.D. I’ve ever had. His positive attitude is infectious and really makes everyone WANT to work and keep moving, and he has a great eye on the clock while also having an understanding of what needs to take time. And he’s rigid when he should be rigid, and flexible when he should be flexible. Someone needs to hire this guy, after I’m done with him.

Our other student crew heads, Trenton Mynatt as gaffer, Hunter Moore as our camera op, and Kim Risi our set designer, are equally skilled, both in their jobs and as positive leaders.  It’s really a world of difference when your crew wants to do the crazy things that you ask of them, and brings that POV to everyone around them.

I’m gonna offend every crew I’ve worked with in the past, many of whom have been fantastic, and say that this is the most enjoyable crew I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Kat and I were trying to figure out why this film, which is more complex than any we’ve done in the past, doesn’t feel as difficult as others, and there are two reasons – we LOVE this cast, who are so fun and so fun to watch, and our crew’s attitude, which doesn’t make it feel like work at all. Thanks, gang!

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