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Why I Love My Wife

July 23, 2012

Isn’t Kat so cute when she’s telling me what to do? I’m sure I’m thinking something more pleasant than that look on my face indicates.

Seriously – is there a better woman in the world than my wife? Example: I’m certain that I’m keeping her awake right now as I type next to her in bed, and she doesn’t ask me to stop. That’s pretty awesome right there, but since this is primarily a filmmaking blog, I’ll limit it to her skills in that area.

Like I was talking about regarding Mike yesterday, every filmmaker needs to find their partners, and I’m fortunate enough to be married to my best partner. The only reason I’m able to make movies is because I have Kat to support me.

Number of narrative films I directed out of film school before marrying Kat – one. Number of films since Kat – four, two of them features. The numbers don’t lie.

Kat is an amazing producer and collaborator. She thinks through everything, anticipates where things can go wrong, is thorough, and understands the creative process and can produce in ways to enhance creativity. She also can figure out how to do amazing things for 1/10th the price of what it should cost. Luigi’s looked like a million dollar film, but we made it for $4,000. Sympathy Pains is gonna look even better, for not a lot more.

But like I said, she’s also my collaborator. She’s the first person to read my scripts and give me feedback. She’s there for casting, working with me to make the right choices, pre-production (her eye for costume and set design is so much better than mine), and she’s looking over my shoulder on set, keeping me on task. It’s so easy to get distracted by the small things, you need someone there to keep the big picture in your mind. About twice a day on set, she whispers something in my ear and most of the time, she’s right and I’m doing it wrong. You can’t find that in many people.

She’s also found us about 150 extras for this film. If that was all she did, she’d be worth her weight in gold. She choreographed the musical scene, for God’s sake! She works for dirt cheap (for me, anyway), and she’s pretty great to look at, which doesn’t hurt, either. :)

And finally, she keeps me from going crazy. My social skills sometimes get tested with so many people on set, and she’s there to help me keep my head in the right space, remind me who all the cast members and extras are (I’m LOUSY at that), and just to be someone I can talk to without having to be “on.” I’m a film editor, who became a film director. Editors like to sit in dark rooms and interact with footage, not so much with actual people. She’s my oasis in the sometimes crazy desert of a film set.

I got married later than most people because, honestly, I was pretty happy just doing things on my own. And then this awesome girl came along and made my life better. That I get to make films with her is pretty cool, too.

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