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Past the Half Way Mark!

July 27, 2012

We’ve now officially passed the half-way mark on Sympathy Pains, celebrated by Hunter (our Camera Op) wearing the traditional duvetyne sun shroud so he can see the camera monitor in the middle of day on a bright street. He tells me yes, it’s hot in there.

We actually had three days off this week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. While it was nice to have the time to get caught up with life (and Emma, my little girl!), it was also a bit of a slow day on set today getting back in gear. But we’ll be going strong until Aug 12th from here. We have Mondays off and a day to catch up from a couple of night shoots, but otherwise, we’re on set every day until we’re done.

We had some excellent extras on Sunday, and some great comedians coming in doing a bit of their routines on both Sunday and Monday.

Tomorrow, we have local anchorman Craig O’Neill doing a cameo in the morning, and then we’ll be filming on campus all day in the audio studio that Scott Meador just redesigned. I loved his designs, and am looking forward to seeing the real thing tomorrow!

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