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Post -Production

July 30, 2012

Just looked at another set of scenes from my editor. After some troubles getting up and running, our post-production team is really humming along. Lyle Arnett is our post-production supervisor, overseeing that everything works and stays organized, and is a workhorse. If Gary Jones hadn’t already hired him I’d be telling everyone to grab this guy while he’s still available, but he’s not available. Of course, he doesn’t sleep much, so you might be able to get him in his off-hours.

Brandon Bogard is editing the film, and his first cuts look a lot better than first cuts are supposed to. There’s an old phrase that nothing looks better then the dailies (the raw footage), and nothing looks worse than the first cut. But the pieces are cutting together pretty nicely, so far, and Brandon has a lot to do with massaging that. You’ve probably seen Brandon’s name on a lot of films as a visual effects guy, but he’s also a great editor, with a great instinct for structure, emotion, and nuance.

And our assistant editor, Connor Barnes is a great compliment to Brandon. They’re both strongest where the other is less so and bring out the best in each other.

Man, I can’t wait to see the whole thing put together!

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