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Rain Rain Go Away

August 1, 2012

Our last outdoor shoot tonight, so here’s hoping (and planning) that the rain passes through. Everything looks that way, so I think we’re good, I just wish the rain we did get didn’t bring the humidity with it.

Late filming last night, until about 2am, and tonight will probably go past midnight, too. I’m hoping to catch a nap when Emma does, and then get a bit of time with her this afternoon.  She asked where Mommy was today, and I told her she was at work. The response: “She’s always at work.” Emma’s two – she shouldn’t be able to put that thought together, yet.

Man, were Courtney and Chris on their game last night. They’re always good, but they really did some awesome work. And Chris’ last solo scene was amazing – that guy can act!

Tonight we shoot the penultimate scene of the film, so we’ll have the entire ending section in the can by midnight. Can’t wait to see all this put together! And can’t wait to be indoors for the next two weeks!

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