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And eventually, the rain did go away.

August 2, 2012

After about an hour and a half of “it’s raining, sort of…” and checking back and forth between what the weather service said was happening and what was actually falling from the sky, we got to film our big scene tonight. It was humid and hot, but our actors trooped right through and were great as always.

We scrapped the second scene we were supposed to film tonight because the lightning was acting up and people were getting antsy, but it’s an easy couple of shots that we can pick up another time, possibly next week.

Day off tomorrow (so I can get prepped for the weekend)! Then the goal for Friday is to pummel through our scenes, which are meant to carry over into Saturday. But if we get through everything on Friday, then we get Saturday off, too, which would be nice. I enjoyed getting to spend a bit of time with Emma today, and would like to see that trend continue, before we shoot straight through from Tuesday until the next Sunday. My first AD thinks we can do it, and everyone’s geared up to get the day off, but I’m carrying a healthy skepticism, as I do with most things.

That next Sunday is August 12th, and I know that date without looking because it’s our final day of principal photography. I don’t want to say that the end is in sight, because we’ve still got a few tricky days ahead of us, but I will say that the end is a whole lot closer than the beginning, and even closer than that long long day at the comedy club.

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