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That’s a Wrap!

August 15, 2012

And suddenly, it’s over. I actually got a full night’s sleep last night. Emma seems to have recovered from Mommy and Daddy being busy for a month and a half. Kat and I are eating dinner regularly again. All is well with the world.

A lot of editing coming up. We’ve found a few problems with some of the sound cards, but it seems to have only affected a couple of days (most of which would have needed ADR anyway, so it’s not too bad of a hit – if it was gonna happen, at least it happened to days where it doesn’t affect us that much).

And overall, it was fun! I gotta again say that casting is everything- insanely important to the quality of the final product, but also to the process of making the film. I’ve worked with some difficult actors (both talented and not-so-talented) and talented actors who are easy to work with make everything better! Thanks again to the awesome cast!

But the other side of casting is finding a crew that you want to work with for six weeks. My crew was a bundle of positive energy – their general response to any of my crazy ideas was to figure out how to make something work. And that’s so important. I’m fortunate that the crew was both, but honestly, I’d take a less talented crew with the right energy than I would the opposite.

And somehow, I got more confident in my directing. I’m not going to say I became a better director, because that’s for other people to judge, but I got more sure in what I’m doing. I’m still an editor at heart – I like sitting alone in a room with the footage, but I’m getting to enjoy this directing thing, too.

Here’s our timeline for the next year:

  • Nov/Dec 2012      Preview Screening to get Audience reactions
  • Jan 2013              Picture Lock, and Begin Sound Design, Music, FX, & Color Correction
  • May 2013             Complete all component & make final mix
  • Summer 2013      Fix all the little things and make DVDs and different formats
  • Aug 2013             Begin Festival Submissions
  • Sept 2013            Conway Premiere of Sympathy Pains

Oh yeah, and Summer 2013, start writing the next one.

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