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John Lennon, sort of…

August 29, 2012

My brother sent me a copy of this song, probably 20 years ago. The video suggests that it was written by Rick Moore in 2007, but it’s not. I’m assuming that Rick made the video.

When I heard it, I looked for a long time to find out who wrote it and what it was. This was pre-internet. Obviously, it’s really really funny, and a spot-on parody of John Lennon as a self-destructive, bitter genius. I’m a huge Beatles fan, by the way.

Eventually I found out that it was a National Lampoon song, by Christopher Guest.

Then a few years later, Rolling Stone had their big… 25 year anniversary? Some anniversary. And they put out a special edition reprinting their greatest interviews. I’m reading a 1971 interview with Lennon, and start to recognize certain passages. Here’s the interview. It’s pretty long, so I understand if you don’t want to read the whole thing, but you can find almost every single crazy thing in the song in that interview. Not only was it a really funny parody, it was actually almost completely taken from John’s words. How crazy awesome is that?

And just to be a fanboy for a minute, where does John come off saying anything bad about Paul? Let’s count the number of great songs per album on any John Lennon album versus the number on any Beatles album. Whatever he may of thought of Paul, he made his music better. And vice-versa. Suck it up.

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