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October 11, 2012

Getting set to do some pickups tonight. We realized at some point during the summer that trying to get 12 middle-school aged girls together in a room at the same time was going to be a big hassle for two quick shots that we needed, so we put off filming our “Ranger Girls” meeting until now, when school’s back in session, and the local girl scout troupe starts meeting again.Tonight their meeting is so we can film them. :)  How cool is that?

We have one more scheduled pickup (and probably a few as-of-yet unthought-of ones), again for ease of casting the crowd. We needed a theatre crowd reacting to Danny performing in a theatre, so we filmed him during production, but are getting the reactions at the first theatre production in a few weeks. Chris Fritzges (who plays Danny) is the director, so he’d head out on stage to make a few announcements, so we’re going to show up with cameras and get some reaction shots of the audience as he does.

Why try to assemble a crowd when you can just go where a crowd already is? :)

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