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Rough Cut!!

October 21, 2012

And the first rough cut of Sympathy Pains is done. We’re going to watch the whole film later this week, now that we’ve done a full first pass on it (finally)! Man, that last scene is tough. So many great moments, and so many different ways to structure it, but I think we got it (until we dig into it again and realize that there’s a better way to go…).

Brandon Bogard, my excellent editor, is digging through it all this week to make sure everything’s in good shape, and I’m digging through our comedian footage to make a quick montage to add to it, then we’re gonna make ourselves sit through it without a stop on Thursday, to get a sense of how the film flows.

That’s always the hardest part – not stopping to fix every little thing we see, but we really need to see how the film works as a whole, and that’s what Thursday is about.

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