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Countdown to Picture Lock!

January 4, 2013

Toilet LogoWe lock picture on Sympathy Pains on Monday. It’s pretty crazy how all the “we’ll decide that later” decisions get thrown into full gear when later is now.

Held a small screening for a few people (thanks Mike and John! – oh, and Kat!) and may have solved the main problem we’ve been having with the film and character motivations since the first cut, just by reorganizing a couple of scenes.

I’m an editor, and it’s still always amazing to me how pliable a film is – how much play you have in the edit bay. An emotional scene with our characters arguing becomes something very different, and even more powerful (hopefully) just by rearranging the order of scenes and having them argue about a different moment. It’s pretty miraculous and always surprising. Surprising in three ways: that the idea even occurs, that it’s possible, and that it actually works.

This is why I love the edit bay – for everything you think isn’t possible, because you only have the footage that’s been handed to you, you can do almost anything with it.

And it’s all over on Monday.

Once the film’s out, we’ll have to have a contest to see if anyone can find the shot that’s completely constructed from a still frame (hint: it involves a less-than-cooperative 2-year-old), and how many hidden slo-mo and sped up shots you can find.

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