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And Even More Pickups

January 5, 2013
Boarding Passes

Boarding Passes

Going out for two more shots today – we’re adding a couple of things to the film – one is another attempt to get a better shot of 2-year-old Emma sleeping for the film. The “Emma, can you pretend to be asleep” trick didn’t work so well during filming, and I’d like to try one more time to see if we can get it.

And then we’re adding a shot of Chris (or more specifically me, since you won’t see him in the shot) packing a suitcase, with a number of boarding passes. The purpose of the scene is to work as a transition for the pieces we shuffled around today and to make it clear that he’s traveling for a while. The picture above is of the boarding passes that I made this evening. I had to take off all the “American Airlines” logos and once I was doing that I got anal and took my name off and replaced it with Danny’s (even though I seriously doubt anyone will ever look that close – you’ll only see them for a moment) and changed all the city names. You can actually follow his travel from city to city, even though no one will actually do that. And I took off the dates. And hopefully no one will notice that he’s in the same seat, or that some of the flights originated from Tampa. No one will.

We also have a couple of placeholder shots in the film for the picture lock – one for an airplane shot (we’re currently using one from Airplane, which just makes me laugh every time I see it), and one for St. Louis, which is a jpeg that we’ll replace with some stock footage. And there are two fx shots that need to be replaced. But I think that’s it. I hope that’s it. I have a list of them, but I’m too lazy to look for it now.

Staring down the barrel of picture lock on Monday!

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