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Only 895 Euros

December 11, 2013


This is the DoP-1, a watch made by Arri and Arnold & Richter, who make high-end specific function watches. 895 Euros is about 1,200 dollars.

It is a cinematographer’s watch, designed by Tom Fahrmann, to be specifically functional for DPs.

You might ask, for $1,200, what does it do? Prepare to be amazed:

It has a timer.

That’s it. It’s also pretty waterproof, and looks good, and I’m sure keeps great time. But mostly, it has a timer. So when you only have 30 minutes to get the shot, you can keep track of that.

For $1,200. The cost of a couple of prime lenses. The cost of a pretty good DSLR.The cost of all the Gaff tape I’ll use in my lifetime.

For a stopwatch.

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